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It was again a great pleasure to meet my friend Pradeep from Swara. It’s been more than 2 and half years that I have known him. He is a teacher of local school, a leader of that community , and a good friend. We have been going to Swara most of the time and he was and is always ready to help us, make tents ready for us, propane, stove, goat.. even he is too busy. He was always with us to share gospel in Swara, inviting people and separating time to be with us. He has no selfish desire to be a Christian but he shared when he take the step he desires to make a lifetime commitment. we love the people of Swara and we have been keep investing in their life, we are more closer than we used to be, so I would request you all to pray for Pradeep and people of Swara that God would open their heart to follow Him and live for Him.#KTM#unexpected#meeting#Pradeep#. 

Rajiv K.C. - Nepal

March 2018: EASTER OUTREACH - Serving and ministering to our marines


10.21.17 CAMP PENDLETON - Serving a thanksgiving meal for the Marines

10.6.17 CAMP PENDLETON Serving and ministering to our marines

10.4.17 CAMP PENDLETON: Over 300 Volunteers packing 270,000 meals for Sudanese Refugees. 

Fabian & Jessica Martinez - Columbia

Fabian & Jessica Martinez - Update from Columbia.  Read More about recent praise reports here ... 

Jake & Jenn DeRose - Italy

Jon & Allison & Jonny & Noah Brechtel - Mexico